TNArex Purification Kit

TNArex Purification Kit is a product intended for isolation of DNA, RNA or  total nucleic acid  (TNA) from various biological samples. It contains materials and reagents sufficient for 100 preps of isolation for TNA  from 5-10 mg of plant or animal tissue, cell culture (0.5-1.0 x 10cells) and 0.5 ml of bacteria or yeast culture, and sufficient for isolation of DNA from 0.3 ml of whole blood.

This kit offers scalability for extraction from scarce material to maxi-prep size. It is based on a ‘salting-out’ procedure supplemented with effective DNase and RNase inhibitors.

It is capable to isolate nucleic acid even from small amounts of biopsy tissues, whole blood or body fluids (plasma, saliva, serum, milk, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, sputum etc).

TNArex Purification Kit enables isolation and purification of nucleic acid in three easy steps:

1) sample lysis,
2) removal of protein and
3) DNA/RNA/TNA recovery using alcohol precipitation, followed by a DNA hydration step.

Kit Components 

  • 30 ml TNA Lysis Solution
  • 10 ml Protein Precipitation Solution
  • 10 ml TNA Hydration Solution
  • 10 ml 10X RBC Lysis Solution
  • 160 µl RNase A Solution (4 mg/ml)
  • 160 µl Proteinase-K Solution (20 mg/ml)

High Purity

Obtain pure total RNA, DNA and TNA from a single sample, even from small amounts of precious biopsy tissue or small number of cells, A260/A280 ratios consistently between 1.7 and 2.0


Isolate total RNA, DNA and TNA from the same sample or either one type of nucleic acid

Environmental friendly and ecological responsibility

No application of hazardous organic solvents or chaotropic solutions, no spin filters, columns or ultra-centrifugation required

High yield

80 % consistent, can be used for downstream application such as genomic DNA and cDNA cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, Southern/Northern Blot, library construction, assays, microarrays etc


Reliable and consistent results, simple and easy to use protocol

Average yield of DNA and RNA extracted using TNArex Purification Kit: