The Rosette Shrimp Farming System

Shrimp farming now accounts for about 4 million MT annual production globally and supplies half the world’s shrimp consumption. With more and more diseases threatening production stability, there is a need for a higher level of biosecurity as well as a marriage of the best known technologies into a single composite farming system. Biovalence will begin building the Rosette prototype in Penang in 2017 that involves advanced aquaculture engineering, modern biotechnology and Cloud-based information technology to boost production without the accompanying risks of disease outbreaks.

The system will feature advanced waste treatment with unique bacteria that have special genes to enable conversion of toxic ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas, a very high degree of water reuse, artificial intelligence (AI) protocols to save on uneaten feed and improve FCR (Food Conversion Ratio) and the use of specially developed probiotic bacteria to defend against diseases.

All information will be uploaded to Cloud and made available to 3rd party validators to prove that this new technology platform is functioning as anticipated. The use of HDPE liners, decreased nitrogen loading to safe WWF limits, high water reuse and improved sludge management will also make it a very environmentally friendly system of shrimp production.

Once fully validated, Biovalence will be able to engage corporate investors to expand upon this concept in either Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or Build-Operate-Manage (BOM) systems anywhere in the world where weather permits. Once the risks are taken out of the equation, we believe the Rosette will be the next generation template for profitable shrimp production which is environmentally responsible.

We welcome potential investors interested in our technology platforms as well as business collaborators to get in touch with our team. Please contact Tiffany Coney Ung (tiffany.ung{at}