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  • BioValence is developing a portfolio of broad-spectrum antiviral proteins. Our lead compound, RetroMAD1 is currently undergoing preclinical development for the treatment of Dengue fever. We are also in the process of developing RetroMAD1 as a treatment for viral diseases in dogs and cats. RetroMAD1 also shows activity against other viruses such as Zika virus and Ebola virus. We have been granted patent protection for this technology platform in several countries, including Singapore, USA, and Australia.

  • Using our novel platform technology, we have been able to make 2 in-house protein drugs orally deliverable. As almost all biologics drugs have to be injected, this process can potentially revolutionize how protein drugs are delivered and become a novel disruptive technology.

  • About USD1 billion worth of shrimp are lost annually due to this bacterial disease. We are the first company to have developed a cure that can stop EMS and we are now engaged in optimization of upscale processes for field trials to further validate our successful laboratory live challenge data.

  • This is yet another disease causing an estimated USD1 billion of losses yearly. Although it has been around for over 2 decades, no cure has ever been successfully developed. We are now in the process of making a cure cost-effective to use as an oral delivery protein.

  • We have identified several strains of bacteria that are able to convert ammonia in waste water samples directly into nitrogen gas. We have observed reduction of 180 ppm of ammonia to 1 ppm in a matter of minutes in the presence of a novel cofactor. This process can potentially be applied in the treatment of industrial effluents. In addition, these bacterial strains can be used for ammonia reduction in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).


Awarded British Council-Ungku Omar Fund Dengue Tech Challenge grant for the clinical development of RetroMAD1 by HRH Duke of York, Prince Andrew


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